Cupressus Sempervirens – Italian Cypress 125-150cm



Cupressus Sempervirens totem, the Italian Cypress
(also known as Mediterranean Cypress or Pencil Pine) 125-150cm in 18ltr pots

Sempervirens is the Latin word for evergreen.

This cypress form is a very thin, with dark silvery green foliage, elegant-looking tree that is perfect for adding an Italian feel to any planting scheme.

It’s useful for adding height to the back of the border and makes an attractive evergreen addition to shrub beds and formal plantings

Could be grown in a pot for a few years but eventually they will need planting in the ground.

Clip regularly to maintain a compact, neat appearance. It is tolerant of poor soils and grows to its full potential in a sunny spot.

Position: full sun, sheltered

Soil: all soils, but avoid waterlogged areas; very dry soils will need extra watering

Eventual size: up to 4 metres, but can be pruned, slow growing

Hardy: Frost hardy.

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