Golden Bamboo 150-175cm (5ft) – pot 15lt – Phyllostachys aurea



Phyllostachys aurea – Golden Bamboo 150-175cm (5ft) – pot 15lt 

Also know as Fish pole bamboo and Bambusa aurea, it has light green leaves and canes of yellow in good light, otherwise they are green in the shade.
Bamboo’s are grasses and grow as such, in a few years and right conditions it can thicken to screen a 2 – 2.5 metre gap.

They spread from the bottom and make ideal screens for hiding things or neighbour and can be used as a hedge, they can be prone to wind damage, so a sheltered sunny spot is best. If cut or broken the canes will not grow taller, pruning height will thicken the foliage.

Bamboo can take a year or two to fully settle and they need to be watered well until they are established, a very heavy watering once a week is better than a little daily. To get show them to there best trim out weaker thinner canes every 2 or 3 years, and feed (mulch or well rotted manure) on alternate years.

However it can be invasive so they are best where there is room to spread, or kept planted in a pot twice the size of the root (even underground) or polyethylene membrane buried around your patch.

When planting dig a large hole, twice the depth and spread of the root of the plant, this will give the bamboo open ground to grow, dig in plenty of organic matter. Plant the bamboo so that the root is buried 2-3 cm under the surface as this will provide stability and help it retain water.

Hardy – 25c
Grows to between 4m and 6m in height
Best in Sunny places or semi-shade

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