Griselinia littoralis – New Zealand Broadleaf 10ltr 100-125cm



Griselinia littoralis – New Zealand Broadleaf  100-125cm 10ltr pot

Fast growing evergreen large shrub. It is grown for the attractive light green leaves. Useful for a coastal location. The plants are dioecious, meaning they carry either male or female flowers, these are inconspicuous and borne in late spring.

Position Full sun. South or west facing. Sheltered or exposed position.
Soil Most soil types. Well drained
Hardiness – Hardy through most of the UK (-10 to -5)
Rate of Growth Fast. 4-8m which can be restricted by pruning.
Garden Care Usually disease and pest free. May be affected by leaf spot.
Pruning In mid to late spring, remove shoots which spoil the symmetry of the plant and lightly trim back as required. To grow as a hedge prune to maintain shape in spring and later if required.