Holly (ilex Nellie R Stevens) 70ltr pot 200-225cm


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Holly (ilex Nellie R Stevens) 70ltr pot 200-225cm

Emerald green foliage with the characteristic spines, with tiny white flowers in spring, later in the year providing a reliable and long lasting heavy crop of red to orange berries (until the birds discover them).

A very robust variety which is easy to grow. This evergreen holly with glossy leaves is popular in America and is now becoming more popular in the UK for its vigorous growth and compact form.

Ilex Nellie R Stevens is a hybrid between English holly (Ilex aquifolium) and Chinese holly (Ilex cornuta). The leaves are thick and are spikey. This female holly is extremely fruitful and colourful in winter loaded with bright red berries. It provides both food and nesting opportunities for birds.

It grows in a neat pyramidal shape to about 6m (20ft) in height. Whilst naturally it’s forms a pyramid it can be pruned to more formal standard shapes.

Position – Full sun or partial shade.
Soil – Most soil types. Well drained.
Hardiness – H4 Hardy through most of the U.K.
Ultimate size – 7 metres after 20-50 years.
Garden Care and problems – Aphids on young shoots, scale insect and holly leaf miner. Phytophthera fungus may affect the roots.
Pruning – Remove misplaced shoots in winter. If formally trained maintain shape during summer. Feed after pruning.
Feed – Mulch in spring.

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