Yew (Taxus baccata) 60-80cm, pot 10ltr


Yew (Taxus baccata) 25L 150-175cm

These slow growing plants are good for topiary and hedging.

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Yew (Taxus baccata) 10ltr 60-80cm

These slow growing plants are good for topiary and hedging.

They are evergreen trees or large shrubs have dense, linear leaves, small flowers and bright fleshy red berries surrounding a solitary seed on the female plants only, note the seeds and leaves are poisonous to humans.

Some yew trees in Britain are believed to predate the 10th century.

Yew hedges are incredibly dense, offering protection and nesting opportunities for birds.

The fruit is eaten by birds such as the blackbird, thrush and fieldfare, and small mammals such as squirrels and dormice.

Key Facts
Hardy plants
Will tolerate dry soil and urban pollution
Grow best in any well-drained soil.

Additional information

Weights and dimensions here are often very approximate, we use them for our delivery purposes.

The dimensions are the pot widths, this is followed by the maximum height of plant and pot.

Sometimes in the case of pleached or standard trees etc., when the plant can not be netted or tie in, we'll put the plants head width after the pot, e.g. 35-100 x 35-100 x 260 cm, (pot width-head width), otherwise they appear 35 x 35 x 260 cm.

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